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Under the rich natural soil, water, and sun of Shiga Prefecture
Made with carefully grown herbs without using pesticides

Carefully selected Japanese herbs that have been a part of Japanese life since ancient times.

​Herbs said to have the effect of warming the body


To bring out the taste and aroma of each herb.
Blend in 1 milligram increments


to ensure this delicate blend is not compromised.
I purposely use tea bags


You can also enjoy it cold.


It's caffeine-free and has no calories.
You can enjoy it with peace of mind.


From herb cultivation to packaging
Each piece was carefully made


Herbal tea filled with the producer's passion

Enjoy the slightly sweet, gentle taste and aroma


Shell ginger

Anti-aging herbs from the south

Beautiful skin, diet aid, constipation relief, stress relief, anti-aging, etc.



It is said to contain the highest amount of vitamin C among Japanese citrus fruits.
Digestion promotion, fatigue recovery, rough skin, water retention, sensitivity to cold, colds, arthritis, etc.


Hydrangea serrata

A natural sweetener that is nearly 1,000 times more calorie-free than sugar.

Anti-allergic effect, antibacterial effect, constipation improvement, blood circulation promotion, etc.


How to drink herbal tea

When to drink herbal tea


Drink after going to the bathroom about an hour before going to bed.
You can expect beautiful skin, good sleep, and relaxing effects.
*This herbal tea is non-caloric.NonIt's caffeine *




How to brew herbal tea


heat the teapot


When the temperature of a hot drink drops rapidly,

Smell and flavor are lost
Pour boiling water and discard the water once the teapot is warmed up.

Pour hot water and let it steam


Put the tea bag in the pot

Pour boiled water (about 200-250ml)
Cover and steam for about 5-6 minutes.
Enjoy the color and aroma that melts from the tea leaves.



remove tea bag


If you leave the tea bag in

A harsh taste may appear.





Stir gently as heavy herbs will accumulate at the bottom.

Enjoy your meal slowly while enjoying the color and aroma.

★One tea bag serves approximately 2-3 times (4-6 cups)


Farm's original blend herbal tea
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